Továbbiak 11/3. EAGE/EFG fotopályázata: Geoscientists at work. Beküldési határidő: 2017. március 1.


The EAGE/EFG photo contest is now open for entries! The theme of the Photo Contest 2017 is Geoscientists at work

We invite all EAGE members and members of EFG’s national associations to submit their photos relating to the following five sub-categories until 1 March 2017:

  •           Education & training
  •           Landscapes & environment
  •           Fieldwork
  •           Energy
  •           Women Geoscientists

You can submit a photo by e-mailing it in the original form to Only original files without modifications will be accepted. You can submit a maximum of 2 photos in total.

The photos shall be copyright free and must meet the following requirements:

  •           Minimum 2560 x 1920 pixels
  •           High resolution (300 dpi)
  •           Please include the following information:
  •    To which sub-category (see above) the photo belongs
  •    Date and place the photo was taken
  •           Each participant is invited to add 2-3 sentences describing the picture to explain exactly what his/her job is and what motivates him/her every day.

After the submission period all members will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the 12 best pictures online. Great prizes will be rewarded to the top 3 photographs that will be announced in October 2017.

More information: