Kérjük töltse ki az EFG Employment survey online kérdőívét!

Kedves Tagtársak!

Kérjük, töltsék ki az EFG éves online felmérő formuláját a geológusok jelenlegi munkaerő-piaci helyzetéről!

In the annual ‘EFG Employment Survey’, the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) aims at taking a snapshot of the current labour market for geologists in Europe and beyond:

    Which industries are professional geologists working in?
    What is their current employment state and security?
    Do their professional activities align with their training?
    Are they exploiting job opportunities in other European countries?
    What are the prospects for the future?

To help us produce a comprehensive report about the evolution of our profession, we would appreciate if you could take our short survey. This report will be published later this year and provide a clear overview of work opportunities in Europe, helping (future) geoscientists to orientate their studies or career decisions and providing professional associations with a steer on which services to offer to their members.

The survey is available here and answering it will take you approximately 10 minutes:

Thank you in advance for your time!