Álláshirdetés - fiatal geofizikust keres szlovéniai cég

Control room operator at Quantectum AG
Address:Churerstrasse 80 8808 Pfllffikon SZ

UID: CHE-266.784.563

Commercial register number:CH-
Website: https://quantectum.com
Contact: info@quantectum.com
Phone number. +38610)59 804 091


• collect the basic geologic information on the regions, active tectonic faults, past large earthquakes and create the database,
• monitoring of the GIS data on important infrastructure, population density, building quality, etc.,
• analysis of the forecasts (global and regional),
• preparation of the interpretations of the earthquake forecasts (many interpretations will be created automatically by AutoBot, but the operators should check them and improve them),
• production of the forecasts-texts and graphics based on the raw forecasts, which can then be used to record TV shows in the Video Centre. The Video Centre will once per week record the  arthquake forecasts just as the weather forecasts on the TV for the chosen regions. The forecasts will cover a 14-day period and also an analysis of the current events in the regions,
• analysis of the forecasting performance, statistical tests, etc.,
• documentation of forecasting performance, successes, and failures,
• research work: cooperation in developing the new forecasting models based on the experiences,
• cooperation in writing scientific articles,
• cooperation with other teams within the company.


• English language,
• diploma or Ph.D. in geology, geophysics or seismology,
• quick learning,
• systematic thinking, multitasking,attentiveness, responsibility,
• diligence, punctuality,
• benevolence, activity.


• moving to Slovenia,
• work 5 days per week at the office.
• stable payment,
• opportunity for professional growth.

More about Quantectum: https://quantectum.com/

Please apply at job@quantectum.com as soon as possible