ENGIE fotopályázat 2021-2022, értékes nyereményekkel. 13-18. év közötti diákok GEOfotóit várják!

 Az Európai Unió által támogatott ENGIE projekt fotópályázatára - melynek témája a Geodiverzitás - középiskolások pályaműveit várják 2022 áprilisáig.
Az ENGIE projekt célja középiskolás diákok, elsősorban lányok érdeklődésének felkeltése a földtudományi szakma iránt, és ezáltal annak elősegítése, hogy a nemek közötti egyensúly megvalósuljon ezen a területen. A 21 európai országból 26 intézmény megvalósításában zajló projekt koordinátora Hartai Éva, a Miskolci Egyetem címzetes egyetemi tanára.
A fotópályázaton  13-18 éves diákok vehetnek részt. A verseny 2022. április 15-én zárul, az első három helyezett értékes díjban részesül. További részleteket alább, illetve a következő címen találhatnak: https://www.engieproject.eu/2021/09/21/engie4geodiversity-photo-contest/.


Participate in the #ENGIE4Geodiversity photo contest!


What does geology mean to you?
Did you participate in activities organised by the ENGIE project?
Where do you experience geology in your daily life?
Which fascinating geology spots have you come across

Grab your camera and show us the beauty and variety of geology by participating in our photo contest!

Within the framework of the ENGIE project (Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering) the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) announces a PHOTO CONTEST FOR TEENAGERS FROM 13-18 YEARS. Girls, as the main target group of the ENGIE project, are especially encouraged to participate in the contest which is nevertheless open to all teenagers of the aforementioned age-group.

Deadline for participation: 15 April 2022
Use your imagination and win a fabulous prize!

Submission categories
You may submit up to 3 photos in total in the following three sub-categories:

  1. Activities in which you have participated in the framework of the ENGIE project: ENGIE is organising a wide range of activities for secondary school students. We invite you to depict these activities in a creative way. Any form of collaborative submission from student groups will be particularly appreciated.
  2. Geology in our every-day life: Geology is an important, although often hidden part of our every-day life. This concerns the minerals and metals needed to produce many of the products which we use on a daily basis or the energy we consume.
  3. Landscape and environment: Geology surrounds us wherever we go. Pictures in this category should depict the beauty and variety of geology in the landscape.

How to enter?
The contest is open to 13-18 year old teenagers.
Fill in the submission form below.
Upload your photo file(s) and a statement of consent signed by your parent or personal representative.

Download statement of consent here.

How to upload your photos?
You can upload your photo(s) and statement of consent under submission, here below.
Name your photo file(s) as firstname_familyname_titleofphoto
Name your scanned statement signed by your parent or personal representative as firstname_familyname_STATEMENT

Technical requirements
1. You may submit a maximum of 3 photos in total in the three categories mentioned above.
2. All photos must be copyright free and shall meet the following requirements:

Minimum 1920 x 1080 pixels
High resolution (300 dpi)
Short image description (place and date when the photo was taken; how does the photo relate to the category in which it is submitted)

There will be a two-stage evaluation: The first round will be  organized in the form of a public vote. All photos will be published by 2 May 2022 on the ENGIE Instagram channel under the hashtag #ENGIE4Geodiversity. The ten photos collecting the highest number of likes on Instagram by 16 May 2022 will be shared with a jury from the ENGIE project which then selects the best three pictures. The jury members are ten world-class geologist women from around Europe. The winners will be announced on 1 June 2022.

Artistic value
Technical implementation
Meet the jury

Step 1: grab your camera and take up to 3 photos
Step 2: download, fill in, sign, and scan the statement of consent
Step 3: complete the submission form below, upload your photo(s) and consent form


ENGIE photo contest - Privacy Policy


First place: 500 € gift card and a Rock Tumbler
Second place: 300 € gift card and a Rock Tumbler
Third place: 200 € gift card and a Rock Tumbler

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us at photocontest@engieproject.eu in case you have any questions or doubts regarding the photo contest. We look forward to receiving your submissions!