8th MSCC - extended registration and payment deadline: 31th March


Dear Colleagues,

The organizing committee of the 8th Mineral Sciences Conference of the Carpathians informs you, that the extended deadlines of the conference are the followings:

Extended registration and payment deadline:  31th March
Extended abstract submission deadline: 8th April


The plenary lectures of the conference will be the following presentations:

Tivadar M. Tóth (University of Szeged, Hungary): Petrology and geochemistry
Diagnostic mineral assemblages in distinguishing gneiss varieties of the Great Hungarian Plain's metamorphic basement

Herta Effenberger (University of Vienna, Austria): General mineralogy and crystallography
The new [Ag2Hg2]4+ cluster cation in rudabányaite, [Ag2Hg2][AsO4]Cl (Rudabánya ore deposit, Hungary)

Peter Uhlík (Comenius University, Slovakia): Mineral deposits
Slovakian industrial minerals related to Neogene volcanic activity - geology, mineralogy and applications (bentonites, perlites, zeolites)

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,
Mate Leskó