Az ENGIE projekt felhívása geológus hölgyek felé: várják munkájukat bemutató kétperces videóikat!

Kedves Geológus-földtudós Hölgyek!

Íme az ENGIE projekt felhívása:

The 11th of February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and the UN is calling on everyone to “smash stereotypes, defy gender biases and defeat discrimination that hold women and girls back in STEM fields”.

At this occasion, the ENGIE project has launched the video challenge #Tellme11F where we invite women working in geosciences and geo-engineering to record a short video of maximum 2 minutes explaining their work to a non-specialised public. The most popular contributions will be used to produce a documentary film. Please broadly distribute this information within your networks and participate:

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