Az "European Geologist" folyóirat májusi számába könyvismertetéseket várnak. A beküldési határidő: április 20.

Dear all,

I am writing you as the Editor-in-Chief of the European Geologist journal. We would like to publish book reviews in the recent issue of our journal which is due in May 2020. We expect mostly reviews of scientific books (preferably written in English) but reviews of geology-related books aimed at a wider audience are also welcomed. We are planning to publish 2-3 book reviews per issue.

The text of the review shouldn't be longer than 600 words. It would be good to include a cover photo of the book. In the text, please give a concise summary and assessment of the content, and summarise your opinion on the book. Please also identify a range of audiences whom you think would appreciate reading or otherwise benefit from the book.

If you are interested in providing a book review, please send your contribution in form of a word document and the photo(s) separately, in .jpg or .tiff format to me and cc Layout Editor Anita Stein ( by 20 April.

Kind regards,
Eva Hartai