2nd Palaeontological Virtual Congress - May 2020

2nd Palaeontological Virtual Congress - A few words form the Organising Committee

Dear friends and colleagues,  

The new applications and technologies regarding new forms of communication in the scientific world led us to create the 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress in December 2018. The first edition was a success, so  we are glad to present the second edition of the Palaeontological Virtual Congress with the purpose of spreading worldwide the most recent scientific advances in Palaeontology in a fast, easy and economical way.

This congress is being exclusively developed in a virtual environment. Oral communications and presentation slides about any palaeontological field will be presented through an online platform created ad hoc.  

The simplicity of this new format allows for low-cost registration fees and saving travel and maintenance expenses. Consequently, this initiative aims to give international projection to the palaeontological research carried out by groups with limited economic resources and promoting the participation of palaeontologists from developing countries. 

Moreover, the 2nd Palaeontological Virtual Congress combines the benefits of traditional meetings (i.e., providing a forum for discussion, including guest lectures or the production of an abstract book among other things) with the advantages of online platforms, which allow reaching a higher number of researchers around the world. 

Hope to see you in the Net!  

The Organising Committee