Mineralogy and Geochemistry

This section is a voluntary gathering of specialists of the disciplines Mineralogy, Ore Deposits, Petrology, Geochemistry and other related ones, in the framework of the Hungarian Geological Society.

It aims at presentation and discussion of the new achievements obtained in the field of these disciplines, exchange of experience and cooperation, promotion of education of a new generation, organization and representation of the profession. It strives to fulfill its task above all by means of public scientific (lecture) meetings. From time to time discussion meetings, conferences, study tours, training courses etc. are also organized.

The Direction in the 2015-2018 period:
President: Tamás Weiszburg
Secretary: Erzsébet Tóth
Direction members: Izabella Farkas, Bernadett Bajnóczí, Ferenc Kristály,Tamás Váczi ,
Gábor Papp
Substitues: Norbert Zajzon, Réka Lukács Haranginé
The Direction in the 2012-2015. period:
President: Sándor Szakáll
Secretary: Ildikó Cora
Direction members: István Dódony, Gábor Papp, Mihály Pósfai, Csaba Szabó, Tamás Weiszburg
Substitues: Bernadett Bajnóczi, Tivadar Tóth M.