Central and North Transdanubia Regional Branch

Its task is to join forces of the geoscientist of the region, and to present the scientific results in the framework of professional programs. Usually four meetings are held a year, one major and two minor lecture sessions, and one field trip.

The Direction in the 2015-2018 period:
: János Futó
Secretary: Ágnes Rostás
Direction members: Ida Farkas, Ferenc Kneifel, Olivér Rybár

The Direction in the 2009-2012 period:
President: János Futó
Secretary: Béla Raucsik
Direction members:
László Füle, József Knauer, Ferenc Kneifel, Barnabás Korbély, András Szőts, Tamás Vígh


Former officials:    
Year: Office: Name: 
1986 - 1991 President: János Kéri
  Secretary: Annamária Kopek
    Imre Tóth 1986-ban
1991: János Kéri and
Annamária Kopek were re-elected
1992 - 1994 President: Attila Pataki
  Secretary: Annamária Kopek
1994 - 2007 President: Ferenc Kneifel
  Secretary: Ibolya Oláh