The Hungarian Geological Society is one of the oldest scientific organizations in Hungary, it has been functioning permanently since its foundation in 1848, at present as a public benefit organization. Its mission is to bring experts engaged in geosciences (in a wider range) together, preserve geoscientific conservation values, present the development of applied and scientific research not exclusively to experts but to public as well, especially to the youth, here in Hungary as well as in the Carpathian basin. Our society organizes afternoon debates, conferences and field trips. The ’Geological Bulletin’ (’Földtani Közlöny’) has been published permanently since 1870. The Society called Community of Geoscientific Civil Organizations into being in 2015. in order to convey scientifically established standpoints to policymakers in major issues concerning national economy. We do hope that all visitors, including experts, students, non-professionals, will find related pages interesting and useful. I wish ’Good luck!’ (with old miners’ greeting) to all visitors. Csaba BAKSA president


Budapest Geoguide


As part of the Geologic regional map series issued by the Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary, the Budapest Geoguide presents  natural beauties of our capital not only as cliffs or outcrops but as organic parts of public buildings, underground stations or even shopping malls.  The book as well as the map are excellent tour guides reviewing geology and hydrogeology of the capital (Budapest) and its vicinity, both in Hungarian and English, for those who are susceptible to wonders of pulseless nature.  

Geology of Hungary - Springer, 2013

Editor: Janos HAAS

  • Up to date and comprehensive presentation of the geology of Hungary and the Pannonian Basin
  • Includes many colour images, maps and cross-sections
  • Invaluable to all geologists