The fundamental tasks of the Hungarian Geological Society founded at Videfalva in 1848 are:

  • to bring together professionals of Geology and related sciences, to represent their interests,
  • to present, disseminate and publish practical and scientific achievements,
  • to promote continuous scientific and practical training of geoscientists,
  • to study and to safeguard the cultural heritage linked to geological exploration and mining,
  • to discuss the initiatives and proposals of the Members, and to forward them to the decision making instances.

Activities of the Society

Scientific activity, research

     The Society

  • arranges professional discussion meetings, workshops, conferences, study tours, itinerary meetings and congresses, establishes thematic sections and working committees, and promotes their operation,
  • organizes information of the members about the newest achievements of the geological sciences, promoting familiarization with and use of both inland and foreign experience,
  • forwards proposals to competent instances to solve timely and important professioinal tasks,
  • elaborates studies and expert reports,
  • undertakes contracts, proposes research and development themes.

Education, training, skill development, science popularization

     The Society

  • takes part in the formation and training of geosciencists, is involved in problems of training, skill development and science popularization, promoting their further development,
  • pays particular attention to the fitting-in of young people into the scientific and social community, and to the utilization of the professional knowledge of the retired Members.

Activities in the fields of nature protection, environmental protection, culture, safeguarding of the cultural heritage, and protection of art monuments

     The Society

  • publishes and disseminates journals and other papers,
  • promotes the publication of pertinent books, contributes to the dissemination of geological knowledge,
  • produces expertises protecting the geological objects of natural value, the natural and the man-made environment, arranges scientific meetings, and operates in other appropriate ways.

Our activity related to the Hungarians living abroad

The Society, through the HUNGEO Scientific and Training Program, supports and provides information about the activities of Hungarian earth sciencists living abroad. It arranges every second year the World Meeting of Hungarian Earth Scientists.

It cooperates with EMT (Hungarian Technological and Scientific Society of Transylvania):