Clay Mineralogy

This section aims at joining the forces, in interdisciplinary manner, of specialists of various disciplines involved in clay mineral research: geologists, mineralogists, geochemists, chemists, crystallographers, colloid chemists, ceramicists, environmentalists, enginners, soil scientists etc.

It presents the new knowledge concerning clay mineralogy and related disciplines, promotes the teaching and dissemination of clay mineralogy. Furthermore, it aims at disclosing and documenting the history of clay mineralogy in Hungary.

The Direction in the period 2015-2018:
Erzsébet Tóth
Secretary: Ferenc Kristály
Direction members: Izabella Farkas, Viktória Kis Kovács, János Kristóf, Tibor Németh, Béla Raucsik, Péter Sipos, Etelka Tombácz; substitue: Réka Balázs
Honorary members: István Dódony, Mária Földvári, Géza Szendrei, István Viczián
Honorary President: Ernő Nemecz

The Direction in the period 2012-2015:
President: István Dódony
Secretary: Péter Kónya
Direction members:
Viktória Kis Kovácsné, János Kristóf, Tibor Németh, Béla Raucsik, Géza Szendrei, EtelkaTombácz, István Viczián